Calling all psychologists!!

Ok hear me out, because this may sound like a dumb question.

Why don’t I exercise and eat right?

I have a BMI of 28.6 and I’d like to get down into the 24 range. The question isn’t how, because I know how. The question is “why don’t I do it?”

On a psychological level, why don’t I just do what I know needs to be done to achieve my goal?

I know that not only will exercise and eating right(more veggies and less carbs) help me to lose weight and become healthier, but it makes me feel good! It will give me an energy boost, a confidence boost, and make me feel like a new person. I know this from past attempts at weight loss.

So knowing that there are so many positive outcomes, why do I still have such a hard time? And are there any techniques to combat this? Please help me understand.


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